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Oh Discovery

A bunch of random things that I discovered this week!

  • Mini Donuts. When I was a kid, I used to buy mini donuts from this stall in Glorietta Activity Center. A couple of years later, I discovered this yummy treat in school, and it reignited my love for this snack. 
  • Knock Knock stationery. Whenever I buy writing materials or stationery, I always come out of the store looking (and feeling) like a kid who bought her favorite Barbie doll in a toy store. When I found the post-its and notepads by Knock Knock at Fully Booked, I was beyond thrilled. They were selling bookmark pads, post-its with headers like, “Fuck You,” “Useless Info,” and “When Pigs Fly”, and really, really useful notepads. And oh, they also have guided journals that cater to several needs, as well as activity books about tweets, insults, slang, and life logs! Anyway, I’m still looking for the “Fuck You/Fuck” post-its, and I seriously want their kraft journals and the “Lines for All Occasions” book set for Christmas. If not, I still want those Fuck You post-its. And their I Can’t Sleep guided journal and the To-Do list notepad. 
  • Madden Brothers’ Before Volume One mixtape. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of the Madden Brothers/Good Charlotte, but when I listened to their new mixtape, I instantly became a fan of their work as musicians/DJs! Their mixtape’s just made of pure awesomeness and swag. 
  • 9GAG. I’ve been following 9Gag’s Tumblr site for a while now, but I just recently realized how awesome this website is. I will only summarize the awesomeness of 9Gag in one equation: Memes + kalaswaan + comedy = new distraction
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